Part came in a few days later

I would definitely recommend the 12.9. It designed to be a laptop replacement device, and is best suited on the desk, or on your lap. Where I feel the 10.5 is just a really damn good tablet, meant for curling up with on the couch, and not an actual laptop replacement device.

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moncler sale Rolling dice to move a piece on a board).shardsofcrystal 1 point submitted 10 days agoTo be moncler jacket sale honest it sounds like you just burnt out on gaming. It going to get harder and harder, more frustrating and stressful to try to enjoy it if you attempt to force it. I recommend taking a break from video gaming and trying a new hobby; something close to it like board gaming, or something completely different like rock climbing.Find something else that sparks your interest, eventually you start to feel the craving and eagerness for video games renew.shardsofcrystal 3 points submitted 14 days agoI didn used to go to Opening Ceremonies (been going to Otakon since 2006), but then I did one year cause there wasn moncler outlet online much else on the schedule at that time; had a blast and now include it in my moncler outlet schedule every time.Opening Ceremonies always includes a few different things:Short welcome speeches from the BoardAnnouncements about major highlights of the convention schedule and Otakorp activitiesIntroductions from the Featured Guests this can be especially fun from the musical guests, and can help you decide whom to go see if you didn know much about themQuick demonstrations of featured activities previously they had Sumo, last year they had an moncler sale outlet opening blessing by the official Shinto Shrine representative, it sounds like they might have MMA this time?It typically ends much earlier than the schedule lists too, so if it would clip another activity you have planned you don need to worry.I also go to Closing Ceremonies now too, which is even more fun since they show AMV Contest winners and announce Masquerade Cosplay winners; the most important thing about Closing Ceremonies though is that at the very end they announce next year dates.As you might guess I pretty hardcore about Otakon moncler outlet jackets and am one of those people that shows up at 9 AM, usually to go to early morning panels, but also just to see cosplayers and really take in the energy of the environment moncler sale.


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