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There’s been a lot of discussion this week about the offense’s struggles in Week 1. A big part of it was not having Jeffery. As has been written in Early Birds before, Jeffery makes the other receivers better because they fit into a natural order when Jeffery is on the field.

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“As a driver and as an individual, to me personally, I don’t think there’s anything safer than a professional driver behind a wheel,” said Lewis, who is African American and has been a driver for about 30 years. He works for YRC Freight and has been an industry ambassador for the American Trucking Associations. “If a system fails on these automated trucks, you want to have a driver there.”.

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But India never got going while chasing the target. Barring an 80 run fourth wicket stand between skipper Virat Kohli (45) and Suresh Raina (46), all other batsmen struggled as the visitors were bundled out for 236. Rohit Sharma (15) and Shikhar Dhawan (36) shared 49 runs for the opening stand before both perished in successive overs to put India on the back foot.

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