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European telecoms are trading around six to 6.5 times forward earnings for next year, while cable is 8.5 to 9 times.People close to both companies said the firms had not yet given up on a deal and were separately examining options for a future attempt.TUMULTUOUS TIMES The would be alliance between one of Europe biggest mobile operators and its biggest cable provider is emblematic of the tumult in the industry as carriers in the region increasingly sell all inclusive bundles of fixed and mobile communications, along with television and broadband.It also comes amidst a wider mergers and acquisitions spree, which has redrawn the map in several markets, and prompted scrutiny from competition regulators who recently blocked a deal over concerns that people would pay higher prices.The move to so called triple and quad play bundles, which is most developed in France and Spain and growing in Britain and Germany, also reflects the need operators have for strong fixed networks to carry ballooning mobile data traffic.Vodafone answer has been not only to buy up some cable companies, but also to spend 19 billion pounds ($29 billion) on upgrading its networks globally. The investment program dubbed Project Spring has six months left to run. Service revenue dropped 3.2 percent in the year to March 2015, excluding KDG, although in its most recent quarter, when it included KDG numbers, it was down only 1.2 percent.Strategic errors such as focusing network investments on rural areas rather than urban, and a badly executed plan to sell more mobile contracts directly to consumers rather than through retail partners also caused problems.Nor has the picture been much brighter in Britain where Vodafone could be weakened by a wave of dealmaking.needs to show that quad play works they spent billions on cable deals, they need to show it was worth it, a sector banker said.

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